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Justice for Angelo Quinto

Angelo Quinto (30) was having a mental health crisis when his family called 911 for help on December 23rd of 2020.

Police officers kneeled on the back of his neck in front of his mother until he stopped breathing. He never regained consciousness, and was declared dead in the hospital on December 26th of 2020.

His death is under investigation, and although the family is still waiting on autopsy results, they believe he died of (positional) asphyxiation while in police custody.


* * *

His death has drawn national attention.

We hope that it can help reform the way the police respond to mental health situations.

We want to reweave the torn fabric of our society.

Angelo's family and friends––with the support of organizations and communities all over the world––are determined in supporting long-lasting reforms that will help to establish a safer community.​


Angelo Quinto will not be forgotten.

His ambitious nature, his abundance of creativity, and his loving support are inspiring this change.

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The Facts

  • Angelo Quinto was experiencing a mental health crisis on the night of December 23rd, 2020, when his sister called 911 for help.

  • Police kneeled on the back of Angelo Quinto's neck in front of his mother as a method of restraining him, although he was nonviolent and compliant.

  • During at least the last four and a half minutes of this restraint, Angelo was unresponsive.

  • Angelo never became responsive again after that night, only kept artificially breathing by 16 different drugs. He passed away officially on December 26th, 2020.


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